Looking for a Credit Union in your area? Over 6,600 Credit Unions are listed by state and city. All are Federally insured or regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Credit Unions have emerged as the fastest growing financial institutions in the country with over 98 million active members.

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Credit Union listings by State and City

Alabama (120)
Alaska (12)
Arizona (45)
Arkansas (60)
California (380)
Colorado (92)
Connecticut (116)
Delaware (25)
Florida (158)
Georgia (137)
Guam (2)
Hawaii (74)
Idaho (42)
Illinois (329)
Indiana (172)
Iowa (113)
Kansas (95)
Kentucky (78)
Louisiana (204)
Maine (61)
Maryland (98)
Massachusetts (189)
Michigan (288)
Minnesota (132)
Mississippi (84)
Missouri (128)
Montana (56)
Nebraska (69)
Nevada (18)
New Hampshire (19)
New Jersey (196)
New Mexico (48)
New York (388)
North Carolina (85)
North Dakota (38)
Ohio (336)


Be sure to check colleges and universities, and their alumni associations if you are a student, alumnus, or a relative of one.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Launches Advocacy Program for Customers Unhappy with their Banks.


Credit unions surpass $1 trillion in assets as membership grows.  Fastest rate of loan growth in years.


Find out about FACT Act compliance and other issues on our issues page. News articles about credit unions are featured on our credit union news daily. Each day we group the credit union news stories by state to make it easy to find articles about your own locality.

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